Keeping in Touch With Sofia Leitão

Sofia Leitão is an art director, ceramicist and stylist currently based in Paris. We worked with Sofia on our SS20 campaign (along with her brother Eduardo) and remained friends. We wanted to let you get to know her better, so we sat down and asked her some questions. Check out her instagram to keep up to date with what she’s up to. 

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What city, time, and date were you born?
Lisbon, 1994, 24th of June.

How would you describe your life growing up in Portugal? What are some of your favourite memories?
Lisbon is great city to grown up. You feel safe, you are close to the sea and everything is within walking distance so you can feel the freedom you feel when you're in the countryside in a way. Now that I live in Paris, I feel the difference is crazy. I want my kids in the future to grow up in Lisbon for sure. 

What brought you to Paris?
I came to Paris one year and a half ago because I felt I had to see other things. Lisbon felt too small. I've been always very curious about the french culture (the music, the cinema and literature) and since I studied in a French school in Lisbon for 15 years the destination was obvious when I felt I had to leave.

For our readers who don’t know you, what is your current occupation, or how would you describe your professional life?
I share my time between working with an art direction and production agency in Paris called Arthur & Philippine, working on my ceramics and doing collabs with brands. 

What was the first modelling job you ever did?
To be honest I don't remember. Probably something bad haha and when I don't like something I just erase it from my brain.

Tell us about your journey with ceramics. How did you get into it, did you take a course, how has your practice developed?
I started working with ceramics because I was doing a master in cultural management in Lisbon at night, and during the day I had too much free time so I decided to start taking some ceramic classes, without any pretensions. And then I became obsessed and I decided to do the first year of the Ceramics diploma at AR.CO school of arts in Lisbon. Since then people started to buy my pieces on Instagram. Everything happened in a very organic way. I think I was very lucky too!

Is there anywhere we can buy your ceramics pieces?
You can text me on Instagram and maybe you get lucky to have something available! It's crazy but everything sells out super fast. I think I'm going to create a website this year so people can buy the pieces, and see all the details about each piece. For now it's still a bit caotic! I'm always forgetting to reply to people. It's very bad... But I feel really blessed. I'm really super happy with all the projects I've had since I started showing my work. 

How would you describe your personal style? 
It really depends on my moods. One day it can be very sober and the next day super colorful and extravagant. I really love to mix and match colors and patterns. But for me the most important thing is to feel good when wearing something. I hate to feel that I'm not being honest and myself.

Tell us some of your favourite fashion brands.
Hmm it's a hard question. I have some big fashion houses that I will always admire such as Maison Martin Margiela, Courreges and Gucci but nowadays I'm also super into small independent designers. I love to follow their evolution and to have a direct contact with the creatives behind the brands. I love Shrimps, Batsheva and The Vampire's Wife. And of course I love Mustique too hehe <3.

When you have friends visiting from abroad, what spots do you like to take them to in Lisbon? Give us some restaurants, bars, or other of your favourite places to hang out.
I'm obsessed with a tasca (tradicional Portuguese restaurant) called Sinal Verde. I go there a lot with my father and my grandpa used to go there too. It's really a simple and not pretentious place. Super honest food.
When I'm in Lisbon the bar you can find me will always be Loucos e Sonhadores. I started to go there more than 10 years ago... (it was in another place before). The owner is amazing and I have an account there haha I can have all the drinks I want and pay at the end of the month. My favorite places to go dance are Casa Independente, 49 and Damas... I miss a good party so much!!

2020 was a strange year. What would you say was the biggest lesson the year taught you?
That the most important thing in the world is my family and my close friends.

What are your current plans for 2021? Any cool projects you can tell us about?
I have a thousand of plans and projects I want to start but I'm trying to focus more on my ceramics. I want to start doing small collections of uniques pieces and start a website. 

Who’s your biggest instagram crush?
Haha my biggest Instagram crush is Marie Dewet from the brand MaisonCleo. She's a super activist and she started a movement called #FuckFastFashion. She's so funny. She's not afraid of anything. She's really a good example of bravery and determination.

If your life were a movie, what would be the soundtrack to it? Pick 5 songs that you would put on the Soundtrack to your life. 
Right Down the Line - Gerry Rafferty
Space Song - Beach House
Oh To Be in Love - Kate Bush
Surrender - Suicide
Comme un Boomerang - Serge Gainsbourg


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