About us

Mustique is a Lisbon-based fashion brand founded by childhood friends Vera Caldeira da Silva and Pedro Ferraz. 

During a trip to India in 2017, we fell in love with the art of block printing. We were inspired by the artisans using this ancient technique to create beautifully intricate patterns on different types of textiles, and decided to make a small collection of block-printed shirts with the goal of supporting and sharing this craft with our friends back home.

Our first collection was launched in Lisbon during the following summer, and Mustique has kept growing ever since.

Each year, we return to India and spend a month-or-so thoughtfully sourcing natural fabrics, learning about different handmade crafts that we can explore, and creating unique designs for our collections. 

We work closely with a small family run factory to produce our garments, most of which are hand-dyed using natural dyes, as well as with a handful of talented block-print artisans who create the funky stuff you see on our shirts.